Murphy Healthcare is a leader and innovator in the physician surgery center field — building new surgery centers from the ground up and revitalizing struggling physician-partnered surgical centers through our ASC Turnaround Group. For more than 20 years, we’ve developed and managed valuable relationships that serve our ASC partners well, including financial and lending institutions, architects, engineers, medical equipment suppliers, and law firms. We’ve also built a state-of-the-art data processing center that supports dozens of independent ASCs.


Our seasoned management team at Murphy Healthcare has earned its stellar reputation for success in managing ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Our management procedures consistently yield substantial rewards, with clients seeing profit increases of 30 to 40 percent or more. Because our goal is to let physician partners achieve the highest degree of patient care, we focus on the core business functions that enable them to do what they do best. We monitor and audit ASCs for profitability. We increase patient case volume and decrease operating cost per minute (CPM). We initiate and maintain new physician partner syndication options to increase profitability, forming the optimal combination of physician specialties in an ASC to achieve success. Doctors maximizing caseloads in well-managed, state-of-the-art operating rooms will make the difference between success and failure. Murphy Healthcare also helps optimize your healthcare staff through training and retraining. Finally, our medical billing and coding specialists ensure that your invoices are accurate and insurance payments are maximized.


When you want to turn around an ASC, you need more than a plan. You need a partner you can entrust with your future. We work closely with physician partners to conduct a full audit of your under-performing ambulatory surgery center. We determine your cost per minute and identify areas where we can decrease that rate by cutting waste and streamlining systems. We increase the volume of patient cases of existing partners, while promoting new partners with similar or compatible specialties. Because of Murphy Healthcare’s excellent reputation for ASC turnarounds, we can negotiate more reasonable contracts with vendors for insurance, high-tech equipment and health care services. Our platinum track record with financial partners and our asset portfolio gives us access to the capital you need to manage a successful turnaround.


If you’re considering your own physician surgery center, Murphy Healthcare offers the key development services and personal commitment you’re going to need. We’ll help organize and syndicate physician partners to form your company. We’ll do the research and draft the feasibility and analysis report for your ASC. We’ll develop plans for financing, and draft architectural and engineering plans for new constructions or renovation of an existing facility. We work with a trusted team of experienced attorneys to meet local, state and national health requirements and obtain required permits. We work with you to advise and locate the best staff for the unique center. And we’ll do it with the kind of team spirit and personal integrity you don’t get from bigger competitors.


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