Top Priority for ASC Turnarounds: Recruiting New Physicians

According to Rob Murphy, founder and CEO of Murphy Healthcare and founder of ASC Turnaround Group, the turnaround process should center on syndication of new physicians to the center. ASC Turnaround Group uses members of its sales team to recruit new physicians to the ASC. "They are typically on the ground running before a transaction is complete," Mr. Murphy says. "They first identify efficient, quality surgeons in the catchment area. They then build relationships and work closely with the prospective physician partners to sell the concept of joining the ASC."

He says the recruitment of new physicians should never be a "complete" process for an ASC, as physicians will always retire or slow down over time. "New partners are constantly needed to replenish the lost case volume [from departing physicians]," he says. He adds that ASC Turnaround Group focuses on certain specialties when recruiting new physicians, such as orthopedics, ENT, spine and urology. Before recruiting new physicians, ASC leaders agree you should research the profitability of each procedure to determine which physicians will bring your center the most money.

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